Date Destruction

The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives and media are a renowned security risk. MG Waste management take data destruction and the protection of licence, important software very seriously. Even if the hard drive breaks down the storage platters inside the drive will still contain information which could be read if repaired. This means we offer several data destruction solutions for all clients.

As our ethos is to recycle and reuse components or materials where possible, physical destruction is only carried out upon request on faulty drives which cannot be accessed.

Full certification of data destruction includes:

•  Make

•  Model

•  size of media

•  serial number

•  asset number (if requested)

This information can be sent via encrypted email or via Royal mail special delivery.

Our levels of service are as follows:

Eco 1 - Standard Data Destruction

Our standard level of data destruction is suitable for the majority of our customers.

This consists of a formatting process of binary overwrites using our specialist software, wiping all data with one pass of random digits providing a powerful level of destruction for non sensitive data. This destruction is to US DoD 5220.22-M standards

A certificate of data destruction is provided with this service.

Eco 2 - Higher level destruction

For clients requiring a higher level of data security, our higher level destruction is carried our using our specialist software at an intense setting to US DoD 5220.22-M standards. This binary pass can sometimes be described as “low lever erasure” and can take several hours depending of the storage size of the media.

Please allow several days for this process as there are only so many of these procedures we can carry out each day.

A certificate of data destruction is provided with this service.

On/off site physical data destruction

We also offer an onsite physical destruction service, this consist of one of our qualified engineers to remove hard drives from the PC and placed in our crusher at your premises.

Physical drive destruction is carried out using our specialist portable hydraulic crushing apparatus. This can be carried out on site or at our secure facility and can include the destruction of other types of media including:

•  CD/DVD disks

•  Floppy disks

•  Media tapes

•  Flash drives

•  SSD (solid state drives)

A full data destruction certificate including all serial numbers will be issued with this service.

For more information, or to request these services, email or call us on 0161 226 5200

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