Local Authorities

MG Waste Management provides a cost effective, efficient and reliable waste management service for Local Government organisations. We are based in Manchester, close to the City Centre, but we cover the UK and are able to recycle redundant ICT and WEEE. We also able to provide a complete data destruction service.

Equipment collected from Local Government/ authorities will be asset tracked and all serial numbers are recorded. Verification will be provided that all previously stored data has been completely removed.

At time of Collection any relevant documentation will be issued:

•  Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note

•  Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

•  Certificate of data destruction

All equipment is stored in a secure facility for processing.

We ensure all sensitive data received is completely destroyed by digitally wiping, shredding or crushing any Hard Drives or Storage Devices

If you are a producer of larger amounts of WEEE you may benefit from our flexible contracts that have various advantages over single collections.

Please click here for more information on contracts.

Additional information:

  • Recycle 'end of life' ICT equipment and computers.
  • Recycle all WEEE
  • Generate revenue through our rebate scheme.
  • Secure and complete Data Destruction.
  • Contribute to the local authorities Green Agenda.
  • Ensure we conform to WEEE Directives.
  • Full compliance in the treatment of hazardous electronic waste.
  • Provision of all relevant documentation on collection of WEEE
  • Storage of items in a Secure treatment facility

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